Team Building, Team Training and Life Coaching

Having a well-motivated workforce is like a well-oiled machine and this produces great results for any business. With life challenges and work demands employees might easily feel overexerted which might lead them feeling unmotivated, unappreciated and struggling to contribute meaningfully at work. This prompts a need from time-to-time to evaluate your company needs and take a step back to focus on individuals who contribute in making your business successful. Hence a need for Team Development which include Team Building and Team Training so that individuals can know and understand how their contribution as persons form part of the overall business success. With Team Training there are specialised programs that address work and interpersonal skills. Another necessary intervention is Life Coaching to ensure that all employees know how to handle challenges in ways that enhances the working environment. Long-lasting results of these sessions is an optimal work environment with happy employees and great customer satisfaction culminating into a thriving business. This will improve both team’s objective performance and team’s subjective supervisory ratings.

Our packages include:

Team Development Retreat – A team development retreat is essential were your staff  is out of workplace gathering. Quite often we host this in remote locations, providing an environment where your team can learn to really work together through a whole host of activities and training.

Most of the retreat’s tasks are aimed at strengthening coworker relationships, developing levels of communication and allowing you to monitor how your team works together in some challenging but fun situations.

Long Service and Employees Reward – The retention of employees plays a significant role when it comes to skills and knowledge transfer as well as business growth. The modern environment allows for employees to change from one job to the next, nonetheless there are employees who stay with companies regardless of other opportunities. There are also employees who are outstanding in their work. Rewarding these employees would go a long way in boosting their self-esteem and may encourage others to do more. Reward your employees for the good work done as well as for the long service over the years by organizing a day trip and a special event. This may result into better returns at the workplace. We conduct this in house or as a corporate getaway.

Corporate Day Out or Year End Function -Taking time out of the office while mixing business and pleasure to meet up with fellow professionals on the same field will help to catch up on what is new on the field and also to give an indication that as professionals you following the same lead or catching up on this forever changing working environment.

This will also give a platform to professional mother bodies to share their annual, quarterly communications with their clients in a relaxed environment out of the office. Over and above this will strengthens and reinforce the relationship between the bodies and its clients.

Below is our Sun City sample packages.

NB: Please note that we can assist you to build your own package to suite your budget at a venue of your choice.