We have a poll of highly skilled lawyers who are always ready to assist you for all your legal needs. Below are some of discipline that we can assist referral to:

Criminal lawyer

When faced with serious penalties or spending time in jail or prison, you need to retain a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court. All criminal cases are different, so the first thing a criminal defense lawyer can determine is what arguments and factors can be used to remove any charges pertaining to the alleged crime.

If you are faced with criminal charges and possible jail time, you need to consult a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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Personal injury attorney

If you have suffered an injury as a result of the negligence exhibited by an individual or corporation, hiring a personal injury lawyer is vital.

A victim of a car accident or general negligence lacks the training and experience necessary to negotiate properly with an insurance carrier and resolve the medical bills that one will generally incur as a result of medical treatment. Further, a claimant almost always lacks the resources to retain the best experts and the knowledge to recognize the need for such in order to prove liability and truly demonstrate the severity of the injuries sustained.

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Family lawyer

Family lawyers are legal professionals that specialize in matters to do with family law. They handle legal issues that are concerned with members of the family. Such legal issues include divorce, child custody, and guardianship among others. Family lawyers can act as mediators when family disagreements develop. They can also represent litigants in family conflicts that end up courts.

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Medical malpractice attorney

Medical malpractice refers to professional misconduct or unreasonable lack of skill. Medical malpractice lawyers litigate lawsuits based on the negligent conduct of doctors, nurses, dentists, therapists, technicians, and other medical professionals and healthcare providers.

A medical malpractice attorney will take you through the process of a lawsuit or settlement deal if you have been injured or disabled due to negligence on the part of your doctor. If you are a doctor being accused of this negligence, a malpractice attorney can also defend you.

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Corporate attorney

Not all business transactions require a lawyer, and business owners increasingly use the web to achieve more cut-and-dry business needs. Using the internet, you can apply for an employer identification number (EIN), and create documents like Meeting Minutes or a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Daily business operations typically don’t require a lawyer.

You may need a corporate lawyer if you want to incorporate your business or you have already incorporated and you need advice on your legal responsibilities.

A corporate lawyer is able to advise you on matters that arise from the c- or s-corp structure. This may include investor rights, acquisitions and mergers, issues involving environmental law, corporate structuring, hiring, and more. You may also want the advice of a corporate lawyer to avoid potential legal complications.

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Labour lawyer

Labor lawyers provide legal counsel on employment and labor relations. They may represent individual employees, labor unions, or employers in the private or public sector. Labor law, which is most commonly concerned with relations among unionized employees, their unions, and their employers, is technically distinct from employment law, which more broadly governs legal matters in the workplace (such as health and safety and discrimination). In practice, however, the two areas overlap considerably.

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Estate transfer attorney

A transfer attorney is a legal practitioner who specialises in attending to the transfer of ownership of immovable property. This includes the transfer of private / residential property such as a house or sectional title unit or commercial property such as a shopping centre. It also includes situations where the buyer / seller is a natural person or an entity such as a company or trust.

The transfer attorney or conveyance plays a fundamental role in the full property transfer, overseeing all aspects of the process.

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These are just some of the disciple we cover, for any other matters that require an attorney send your inquiry below.