Beverage Cooler Hinged GD1140


Beverage Cooler Hinged GD1140


2 hinged glass doors
• High Density Polyurethane Foam insulation (CFC free) for maximum insulation efficiency
• Pre-painted galvanised steel exterior and interior
• Rigid doors fitted with Armour Glass for safety
• Heavy gauge plastic / epoxy shelves are adjustable

Capacity: 762L
• Maximum capacity: 672 x 330ml cans (double stacked)
• Optimum capacity: 336 x 330ml cans (single stacked)
• Facing cans per shelf: 7 x 330ml cans
• Start Current: 5.43A
• Current draw: 3.3A
• Energy consumption: 8.83kW / 24hrs
• Coolant gas: R290
• Inside Dimensions (WxHxD): 1,050 x 1,600 x 515mm
• Cabinet dimensions (WxHxD): 1,140 x 1,980 x 700mm
• Weight (kg): 149


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